Structural Engineering Services

N.M. Roof Designers Limited (NMRD) is a receiver of the Guinness Book of World Records for designing and constructing world’s widest RCC flat roof. NMRD being run under the excellent leadership of Mr. Deepak Sogani (B.Tech IIT Kanpur) is known for its meticulous structural engineering of building and non-building structures. NMRD has a dedicated specialized team for structural engineering services, a specialty of civil engineering. The buildings constructed by NMRD are known for analysis and design of building structures that can support as well as resist immense load. Building structures such as malls, multi-storied buildings, residential apartments, institutional buildings, etc. are made based on the intrinsic laws of physics and the scientific analysis helps make the structural integrity of the building complete. NMRD engineers are ethically responsible and socially and economically conscious which helps them create buildings that are structurally innovative and intelligently designed.


Structural Engineers in India

Every building structure is unique in its own right. Every building has a purpose of its own. Building structures could be many like multi-storey buildings, industrial complexes with or without ancillary buildings, specialized industrial works, hotels, pavilions, auditoriums, parking spaces, club houses, residential bungalows, over head and large underground tanks, townships etc. Each of these has different purposes and thus different structural designs. NMRD’s structural engineers in India are known for understanding the purpose and uniqueness of each building and constructing the structural integrity of the build-up based on that. While making a structural design many factors such as social, environmental and natural effects are taken into consideration. Each building construction is thus unique and completely meshes within its societal area. And this is where NMRD rises above the rest.

Structural Designing Engineer

Structural designing is a specialized field and it requires a lot of hard work to gain an edge in this part of civil engineering. A structural designing engineer needs extra training to make buildings that are strong and safe. This is precisely where NMRD stands out. Each engineer of NMRD has the required qualification and experience to make buildings based on the principles of structural engineering. Mr. Deepak Sognai (IIT Kanpur), a renowned structural designing engineer of India leads the company from the front. It is under him that NMRD constructed Worlds largest RCC flat roof and got the recognition that is rightfully NMRD’s – The Guinness book of world records. Every building the company has constructed till date are well recognized and are appreciated by the people residing or using it.

Our Clients

Our Clients