Architects India

The plan, design and construction of any building depend on its architect. It is the architect on whose innovation and ideas a building differ from others. The world is full of architectural genius and it is this that makes us go farther to create buildings that are architecturally superb. Our architects India are equally passionate about the job they do – creating excellent buildings. And when we say this, we mean this, architecturally. Not only the architects, but our entire teams handling purchase, accounts, customer service etc work together to bring out an ingenious building structure. The unity and the togetherness of our teams reflect in our structure’s intricate plan and execution as well. And this is where we are able to make the cut.

Architectural Engineers

NM Roof Designers Limited (NMRD) as a company was started with the vision of providing every kind of assistance to builders. Starting with structural designing, planning, drafting and execution, NMRD has moved into areas of RMC, civil engineering, project consultancy, construction, etc. The company has a dedicated team of architectural engineers, meant only for design and construction of buildings. These architects chosen from reputed engineering institutes and trained under Mr. Deepak Sogani (B.Tech, IIT Kanpur) are very efficient and are capable of pulling off big building projects perfectly.

Dedication, innovation, team work, discipline merged with technology, laws of physics and our scientific innovation make our work stand out from the rest. It is this mix that has made us win the world’s most prestigious award – an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Project Architects

Since its inception in 1986, NMRD has been consistently delivering building projects that are structurally appreciated and architecturally strong. When we start a project, we make sure to have a dedicated team for that project. This team of project architects then interacts with the client, understands the project requirements and plans the project. Our team of architects under the guidance of the company’s mentor Mr. Deepak Sogani is expert in the art and science of designing and erecting buildings. We take each project as a single identity and no two projects have the same team. Thus each project is uniquely different from each other and is made so by our management supervisors who personally supervise every project. It is our dedication and love for every project that adds the magic touch and people find the buildings robustly designed.

Our Clients

Our Clients