Structural Designing India

Apart from structural designing India, NMRD also provides structural drafting services. Structural engineering is a part of civil engineering that deals with analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. In these times of environment cautiousness, structural designing as a field of study has gained quite a lot of importance. Structural designing applies science and common sense to create buildings that are structurally strong, thus making a building safe for inhabitants. This is where NMRD specializes in. In years of its operation in India and abroad, NMRD has gained the confidence and trust of builders as being a company that is competent to create buildings that are strong. And this trust and faith in our company by our clients is what keeps us going.


Structural Designers in India

N.M Roofs Designers Limited (NMRD) is into the construction of RCC, PT, Steel and masonry structures. The company has already created a niche for itself and is run by renowned structural designers in India. The front runner of this company Mr. Deepak Sognai (IIT Kanpur) is known for his precision and structural designs that are scientific and safe. This is in compliance with the business vision of NMRD which is to ‘Provide world-class structural designs that are safe and cost-effective’. To do this, NMRD has a dedicated departments who look into different construction sides such as accounts, purchase etc. NMRD keeps itself updated with the latest technology and uses softwares specially made for designing such as Autocad, Stad Pro, Adapt along with in-house softwares that are specially made for NMRD.

Structural Drafting India

NMRD not only offers structural design services, but also provides structural drafting services. The company is into complete design and drafting services. The first step that any building needs before construction is the right planning. Thus the need for drafting is essential. NMRD provides this most crucial service of drafting to its clients. Apart from drafting, NMRD also provides the next important step to any building construction – design. Thus NMRD is one company that offers structural drafting India services.

A project only gets completed once it is properly drafted and approved of. Drafting being the first of any construction plan, needs to be intrinsic and follow the science of physics. Every minor detail altogether should be ingrained in the drafting stage so that it doesn’t create a trouble at the construction phase. NMRD specializes in drafting of building projects.

Our Clients

Our Clients