The  Company  N.M. Roof Designers Limited  under  the  leadership  of  renowned  Structural  Engineer Mr. Deepak Sogani (B.Tech, IIT Kanpur) along with his team of experts is involved in Project Consultancy and Designing of Building, Bridge, Post Tensioning, etc. The company is also executing Construction of Malls, Multi-Storied Buildings, Residential Apartments, Industrial and Institutional Buildings.

The Structural Designing Department is designing their designs as per Indian Standard with world class latest softwares like Adapt, Staad.Pro, Autocad and our own indigenous softwares.

The Construction Department of the company is led by experienced and qualified Engineers and Managers as a result our creations show a definite class above the rest. The company has world class infrastructure to execute the construction works including Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) units. More so because behind the engineers is a fleet of other efficient departments dealing with all other aspects of Constructions like Purchase, Accounts, Planning, QC and Overall Management.

Most advanced Computer Systems are extensively used in the Company for both Designing and Management of Construction. In fact the entire designing and drawings are done on the Computers only. In Construction the entire Accounts, Billing, Inventory, Management Analysis, Planning, etc. are done on the Computers.

Since its inception in 1986, the Company has grown up to the levels of National Standards, and have gained experience in structural designing and construction of a wide variety of following Building Structures.

We are very proud to state that we have Structurally Designed and Constructed World's Largest Single Span RCC Roof 119' x 123' Size Column less Hall using Post Tension Technique at Satsang Bhawan, Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA !
"We Constructed and Designed Worlds' Largest Single Span RCC Roof"
A Guinness Book of World Record - Largest Reinforced Concrete Cement Flat Roof Span
A Guinness Book of World Record Holder for its Design and Construction of World’s Largest Single Span RCC Roof, is a force to reckon with both in the field of Construction and Structural Designing.

The company is also registered with:
CPWD : For Class 1 (Civil)
RHB, Jaipur : For Category AA

Structural Designing Engineer India

N.M. Roof Designers Limited (NMRD) is a receiver of the Guinness Book of World Records for designing and constructing world’s widest RCC flat roof. NMRD being run under the excellent leadership of Mr. Deepak Sognai (B.Tech IIT Kanpur) is known for its meticulous structural designing of building and non-building structures. Mr. Sognai and team are known as structural designing engineer India who builds their structures based on the theory of engineering design and analysis.

NMRD has a dedicated team specializing in structural engineering, a specialty of civil engineering. The buildings constructed by NMRD are known for analysis and design of building structures that can support as well as resist immense load. Building structures such as malls, multi-storied buildings, residential apartments, institutional buildings etc. are made based on the intrinsic laws of physics and the scientific analysis helps make the structural integrity of the building complete.

Civil Engineering Services in India

Engineering as a field is divided into two main categories – military engineering and civil engineering. It is the civil engineering that matters in our society as it deals with planning, designing, drafting, construction and overall maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. NMRD provides civil engineering services in India to builders. The company is into creating buildings of various purposes such as institutional, hospitals, industrial, multi-storey buildings, etc. NMRD provides its civil engineering services not only in India but abroad as well. Many civil engineering projects have received awards and recognition from the Indian government for the innovation and intelligence used. Civil engineering is the broad based service that is provided by NMRD. Specific ancillary services like drafting, design, consultancy, etc. are also offered to builders who can choose from the services.

Civil Engineers in India

NMRD (N.M. Roof Designers Limited) is into all aspects of civil engineering such as structural engineering, materials engineering, construction engineering, surveying, etc. While taking the entire sphere of civil engineering into account, NMRD makes sure that the buildings are both environment and people friendly. Lead by Mr. Deepak Sogani (B.Tech, IIT Kanpur) and his team of able civil engineers in India, NMRD has already entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

Many civil projects like institutional buildings (e.g. St. Xaviers School, Jaipur), hospitals (e.g RDMC, SDM, Jaipur), industrial buildings (e.g. AMD Industries Limited, Alwar), commercial complexes (e.g. Vaibhav Cine Multiplex), malls, government projects (e.g. Satsang Bhawan), residential buildings (e.g. Ambuja Cements Limited) have been completed successfully and many other civil projects are on its way to completion. NMRD has reached global standards in terms of design and construction and the awards just justify it.

Structural Consultant

It was Mr. Deepak Sogani whose vision created NMRD in 1986. The company though started as a structural consultant, has now moved into post tensioning technology, construction, architecture, project consultancy, civil engineering and every other area of building construction. The company, head quartered at Jaipur has pan India presence and is competent to take up projects all over India. Structural designing and planning is one wing of NMRD. The company on the other hand has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for constructing and designing World’s largest single span RCC roof. Each construction of NMRD had its share of recognition. NMRD is also into project consultancy. It has already done consultancy of restoration and conservation of heritage works in Jaipur and Amber. NMRD also has a special wing meant only to produce its own Ready Mix Concrete which can be poured into difficult sites.

Our Clients

Our Clients